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Wuhan virus: New York city death toll crossed 1000.

The number of Wuhan-virus cases in NY City topped 75,000. Including the Governor’s brother. More than 500 health care technicians, 2,000 medical nurses and 250 ambulances are moving to NY city from across the nation to hold up a health care system that’s hiding under an avalanche of Wuhan virus patients, NY Mayor Bill de Blasio said to media on yesterday. …

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Broadway Makes New York Sing

Whenever I feel of a visit to new york city whether for a vacation or simply a short one or two-day visit I can not help however think of broadway and therefore the pleasant shows that await in these hallowed halls of amusement delight. broadway is the essence of the …

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1,200 airport staff in NY area short set Off

Selina Ruckdeschel had worked as a food server at La Guardia airport for over 20 years till today, once her career came to an abrupt halt that left her afraid and empty-handed. Selina was ordered to give back her airport access badge and told she would receive no severance pay …

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